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The Colonnade Project

The Colonnade Project, orchestrated by JBJ Construction, is a fusion of aesthetics and acoustic brilliance.

Exploring New Alien Architectural Acoustic Materials

Enter the Myx Sail / Floor, a revolutionary addition to the world of architectural acoustics.

Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere: Sonus at Crush Yard

In the hectic world of indoor pickleball at Crush Yard, the challenge was more than just creating a quiet space.

The End Of Acoustic Panels?

New technology that could be the end to acoustic panels as we know it?

The Vital Importance of Quieter Operating Rooms And The Role of Acoustic Panel Manufacturers

The bustling atmosphere within ORs isn't merely a backdrop, it's a pressing concern with tangible consequences.


The Acoustic Adventures of a Sound Superhero

Have you ever walked into a fancy restaurant, gym, museum, or sports hall and noticed all kinds of acoustical defects? It's a common problem and one that is often overlooked during the design process.

Introducing the New Additions to Our Sonus Felt Lineup: Innovative Acoustic Solutions for a Sound Revolution

We're here to introduce you to our latest lineup of felt-tastic acoustic products that are anything but ordinary. Say hello to Olino, 5th Dimension, Jimmy Beam, Shape Shift Groove, Serial Box LED and Side Step - our five new rockstar additions to the Sonus family.


PET Felt Acoustic Panels: The Sustainable Solution for Optimal Sound Control

What the Felt is PET Felt? Alright, listen up! PET felt is like a magical material made from recycled plastic bottles, but it's also so much more!

Case Study

When Life Gave Us White Oak Delays, Sonus Made Eucalyptus Lemonade in Canada

We always strive to provide the best solutions for our client's needs and this project was no exception. However, as with any project, there were some challenges that we had to overcome

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From Timber to Tranquility: Sonus' Wood Acoustic Innovations

Our commitment to blending functionality and elegance has led us to introduce new and improved wood solutions


Sonus Snapshots: Where Sound Meets Space

Step into a world where sound and space dance in perfect harmony. Join us on a visual journey that's music to your eyes.

A Team Effort At Temple Beth Am

In a recent collaboration with Temple Beth Am, Sonus took on the challenge of reshaping the auditory landscapes of two primary spaces

How New Software Empowers Architects, Specifiers, and Designers

In the modern urban landscape, where the hum of vehicles shapes our auditory environment, understanding sound attenuation is paramount.

Sonus and Jacaranda SanFoot Present “Flexibility in Wood Veneer”

Sonus is thrilled to announce its partnership with Jacaranda SanFoot to bring an exceptional CEU to architects (and anyone interested)

Unconventional Wisdom: How 3M Tape Inspires Innovation in Acoustics

In the dynamic world of acoustics, it's often the unconventional solutions that lead to groundbreaking innovations.

Sonus Acoustic Panels Transform Maricopa Tribal Council Podcast Studio

The Maricopa Tribal Council's podcast studio, nestled in the heart of Arizona, was in need of a sound makeover.

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Meet Kinzli Schroeder: The Newest Addition to The Sonus Team!

Sonus is thrilled to welcome Kinzli Schroeder to our team! With a diverse background that includes sales, management, and even experience in the beauty industry, Kinzli brings a unique perspective to our work as an acoustic panel manufacturing company.


Turning Down the Volume: Helping Kids with Autism Learn in a Quieter Classroom

Discover how acoustics impact learning for children with autism and what can be done to help them in school.

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Acoustic Panels for Every Need: Custom Shop Can Make Your Wildest (Sound-Absorbing) Dreams Come True

Our Custom Shop provides all the R & D for our own product roadmap but more importantly, it also solutions for you as well


Measuring Acoustics: the Right Way or the Easy Way

Smartphones are more commonplace than ever – and so are apps that purport to measure the acoustic properties of a space. However, a series of experiments conducted to compare the performance of smartphones versus ‘traditional’ sound level meters revealed that while smartphone devices can offer some

We Have A Winner!

The Results are in!


5 in 3: The Sonus Sound Off (Extended Cut)- Episode 2 with Tina Stear of Platte Architecture + Design

You're busy, but maybe not THAT busy — you want to be productive but need to put your focus somewhere else for a while, we get it. That is where The 5 in 3 extended version comes in! This interview series brings in spectacular guests from all over the industry.

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Sonus Gives Back | Vote Now!

Let Sonus deck-out a space of your favorite praise-worthy people.


5 in 3: The Sonus Sound Off - Episode 2 with Tina Stear of Platte Architecture + Design

You're busy — you want to be productive but sometimes you need a few minutes to decompress, we get it. That is where 5 in 3 comes in! This interview series brings in spectacular guests from all over the industry to answer 5 rapid-fire questions in 3 minutes.

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You deserve better! A customer journey journey.

We recently finished the second day of our extensive Customer Journey mapping process and still have more to go.

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“How to Cut Acoustics From Your Budget” December 6th Sign Up

Sign Up for our “How to Cut Acoustics From Your Budget” CEU that we will be presenting on December 6th at 4 pm (EST) or 1pm (PST) . Get those last-minute CEU credits in and stop worrying about it!

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Decked Out Halls For Praise Worthy People

Let Sonus deck-out a space of your favorite praise-worthy people.

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A New CEU From Sonus "How To Cut Acoustics From Your Budget"

Have you ever needed or wanted to include acoustics in a project, but couldn’t fit it in your budget? Well, rejoice! We have finalized our first original CEU about how to get and keep acoustic panels, baffles, and clouds in your plans.

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Our Most Exciting Project Yet

SmithGroup and the City of South San Francisco has selected Sonus to provide the wood paneling for their state of the art Community Civic Campus. But these aren't your standard Trava panels, read more.


Delivering a Clear Message with Acoustical Insulation

A church in Colorado works with Johns Manville and Sonus to improve the acoustics of its sanctuary and provide its congregants with a clearer, more intelligible Sunday morning service.


Noisy restaurants don’t just ruin the vibe… they ruin the food

The majority of restaurants have a substantial noise issue that is harming patrons, workers, and ultimately the company.


Rotofast Wall Anchor Installation in 45 seconds

An easy guide on how to install sound panels with Rotofast anchors.

Top 3 Acoustic Misconceptions

Acoustics and acoustic materials can be complicated. Here are 3 of the most common acoustic misconceptions explained.

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Sonus is on the move!

We are excited to announce we have completed a seamless move to a new bigger and better (resulting in faster) location up the road in Loveland, CO.

Case Study

Wellness Spaces and Noise

When you think of an ideal lab, hospital, or well-being space, you think of focused staff, calm and confident patients, serene environments, and ultra-clean surfaces. The reality is, in a hospital for example, having a chain-saw blaring next to your head is closer to what you will find when...


5 in 3: The Sonus Sound Off - Episode 1 with Mike Wilson of Commercial Solutions

You're busy — you want to be productive but sometimes you need a few minutes to decompress, we get it. That is where 5 in 3 comes in! This interview series brings in spectacular guests from all over the industry to answer 5 rapid-fire questions in 3 minutes.

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Sonus Gives Back | The Results Are In!

The Results Are In!

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The Community Civic Campus project in South San Francisco

Sonus was given the challenge of making and shipping over 9,000 square feet of Trava acoustic panels and we gladly accepted. It’s a large task, but we are up to it. We have been working tirelessly to bring this job to life and ship out the highest quality products in the industry.


Consequence of Sound: Deception, Impact, Understanding, Action

Sounds are deceiving. More often than not, noise affects us with adverse consequences.


Speech Intelligibility and Acoustics Comfort

Interior space acoustics is the science of controlling a room's surfaces based on sound absorbing and reflecting properties. Excessive reverberation time, which can be calculated, can lead to poor speech intelligibility.

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Sonus: Brand New and Thirty Years Old

Three decades ago the Harrison family began selling acoustic panels out of a small shop in Northern Colorado. Over the years they built the company into one of the most well-respected architecture and construction manufacturers in North America. Lifelong friends Darren Chambers and Kevin Simons...


Quiet! Hotels strive to keep the noise level down

Acoustics and noise control are critical for companies that deal with large amounts of people, or large open rooms, and can make or break your business.

Sonus featured by Redfin: Gaming Room Ideas

Top game room tips.

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We have teamed up with Jacaranda to bring you something great!

Jacaranda has shared some of their vast knowledge with us and the apprentice is now a master.