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Sonus featured by Redfin: Gaming Room Ideas

Top game room tips.

Sonus News

Sonus Welcomes Brian MacKenzie, Vice President of Sales

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio with a record of 21-0, please welcome our new Vice President of Sales, Brian MacKenzie. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Sonus News

Sonus Gives Back | The Results Are In!

The Results Are In!


Consequence of Sound: Deception, Impact, Understanding, Action

Sounds are deceiving. More often than not, noise affects us with adverse consequences.


5 in 3: The Sonus Sound Off - Episode 1 with Mike Wilson of Commercial Solutions

You're busy — you want to be productive but sometimes you need a few minutes to decompress, we get it. That is where 5 in 3 comes in! This interview series brings in spectacular guests from all over the industry to answer 5 rapid-fire questions in 3 minutes.


Delivering a Clear Message with Acoustical Insulation

A church in Colorado works with Johns Manville and Sonus to improve the acoustics of its sanctuary and provide its congregants with a clearer, more intelligible Sunday morning service.

Sonus News

Sonus: Brand New and Thirty Years Old

Three decades ago the Harrison family began selling acoustic panels out of a small shop in Northern Colorado. Over the years they built the company into one of the most well-respected architecture and construction manufacturers in North America. Lifelong friends Darren Chambers and Kevin Simons...


Speech Intelligibility and Acoustics Comfort

Interior space acoustics is the science of controlling a room's surfaces based on sound absorbing and reflecting properties. Excessive reverberation time, which can be calculated, can lead to poor speech intelligibility.

Case Study

Wellness Spaces and Noise

When you think of an ideal lab, hospital, or well-being space, you think of focused staff, calm and confident patients, serene environments, and ultra-clean surfaces. The reality is, in a hospital for example, having a chain-saw blaring next to your head is closer to what you will find when...