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Sonus Gives Back | The Results Are In!

Congratulations to the winners, yes winners, of the Sonus Decked-out Halls for Praiseworthy People giving effort! Hundreds of votes were cast and we have a tie. Instead of splitting the winnings, asking others to help, or having a run-off vote we have decided to double our gift. We always seek do to what is right by our community and stepping up just makes sense.

Over the next few weeks we will be partnering with Live & Learn, located in Arizona, and Houston Humane Society to understand their sound challenges, offer solutioning to tackle their issues and support their design aesthetic, and ultimately deliver $4,000 worth of the best acoustic products and systems on the planet. Thank you to everyone who participated and voted.

To learn more about Live & Learn and contribute to their efforts, visit

To learn more about Houston Humane Society and contribute to their efforts, visit

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