People deserve to be at their best, and at the heart of it, we want to help make spaces that allow for stronger connections, better output, and increased happiness. Together we can create spaces that are as functional and conducive to great experiences as they are beautiful and practical. And we do that by mastering sound. Let’s build something great.

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Sonus Service

We make it happen when you need us, where you need us, how you need us.

This isn't marketing fluff. We can back it up, just look at our industry-best 92 point Net Promoter Score or our online order tracker.
Sonus Solutions

Three Materials:
acoustic Wood, Felt, and Fabric.
One spec.

You need as many arrows in your quiver as you can get. Having access to all three categories allows you to select different materials for different needs, all in one envelope. And have an expert on speed-dial who can assist with all the ins and outs of each.
Sonus Success

Project Profile: City of South San Francisco Civic Center

When MDF and other options proved unsuccessful, we got the call, "can you build curved wood acoustic panels that can withstand significant humidity swings?" Then we got to work.

Just like you, we’ll do whatever it takes.

Sonus isn’t a corporation; it’s a group of people striving to make the best acoustic solutions in the world. Study after study has shown the mental, physical, and professional benefits of acoustically engineered rooms. We create the best experience for the people in our spaces and the people designing those spaces.

Thoughtful Spaces
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Leaving the world better than we found it.

It’s hard not to appreciate nature living at the base of the Rockies. We are lucky to be inspired every time we step out our door. And it is up to us to keep it that way. From simply not using single-use water bottles to identifying new more carbon-neutral materials, we are constantly looking for ways to be more sustainable.

There is nothing like talking to and learning from a passionate expert. Our presentations and discussions span a variety of topics from a detailed product exploration to or infamous "How to cut acoustics from you budget?" CEU.

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