5 in 3: The Sonus Sound Off - Episode 1 with Mike Wilson of Commercial Solutions

5 in 3: The Sonus Sound Off with Mike Wilson of Collective Solutions

Brock, Sonus: Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us today. This is our first edition of Sonus’ 5 in 3: The Sonus Sound Off! 

And so, today we have with us, all the way from Arizona, Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson is one of our sales advisors and he covers both Arizona and New Mexico. So we are going to do our best to fit a bunch of interesting questions into just a short amount of time to keep this nice and short and snappy and educational for us. And a little bit entertaining too but we’ll leave Mike to the entertainment. I’m going to start off with a little bit of a heady question for you, Mike, who do you admire most in our space? 

Mike, Collective Solutions: I guess, you know, somebody that I look up to as far as the designer standpoint, locally, would be a company called LGE Design & Build out of Phoenix. I just love seeing the projects actually come to life. They have such an elegant and warming feel to their design, and it's great to see how they can transform their projects into a work of art. 

Brock, Sonus: Interesting. So what was a recent space that they did, if you could think of one, that really kind of “wowed” you that we should all go take a look at? 

Mike, Collective Solutions: I like the restaurant projects. When you walk in, it’s just so warming and enjoyable to be in those spaces, you really don't ever want to leave.

Brock, Sonus: Okay, so when it comes to the kind of noise attenuation, sound absorption, mastering acoustics inside of a space, what do you feel is the most important question somebody should be asking?

Mike, Collective Solutions: Regarding acoustics, I think the best question to ask as a designer or architect is what is the NRC rating of the material, knowing that will help you decide what product and how much of the material you'll actually need to solve your sound issue. If you do it the right way — and we use the right calculations because there is a formula to figure out the exact amount you know — you can really make it designed beautifully without covering every square inch of that project.

Brock, Sonus: Sonus plug, we've actually just last week developed a calculator where we can put all of these equations and numbers in and it'll really help us fine tune exactly the needs of a certain space depending on size and usage and reverberation times and all that kind of stuff.

Mike, Collective Solutions: Most acoustic companies say “let’s fill up the wall, let's sell as much material as we need.” The great thing about Sonus is that's not the approach they take. 

They want to actually solve your problem and they want it to be cost-effective and have an option for any budget that you might have. And so that's what really drew me towards Sonus. They really stood apart from all the other companies I deal with day to day. 

Brock, Sonus: And Desirée, did you have a question about Mike's projects coming up? 

Desirée, Sonus: Yeah, I was very curious about, you know, in the healthcare space, what maybe architectural group, or even just a material, have you really enjoyed working with? Or that has caught your attention because of how innovative they might be...

Mike, Collective Solutions: One product that I do have is a product called Spray-Lock Concrete Protection. It literally is a spray applied product that goes on top of the concrete, and it gets drawn into your concrete like a magnet. It has a negative ion, concrete’s a positive, so it gets drawn in. You can spray ceilings, walls, or floors, and you’re gonna go 4–6 inches in and what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna freeze the slab, basically waterproof it completely. Nothing can go in or out of that concrete.

Desirée, Sonus: Wow.

Brock, Sonus: That’s fascinating.

Speaking of solving problems, you’re going to bed on a Friday night — this is the “Lightning Round” now — you’re going to bed on a Friday night and you realize you have nothing planned for your Saturday. How are you solving that problem? What are you doing for your perfect Saturday?

Mike, Collective Solutions: You're either going to find me on the golf course or camping. Those are my two biggest stress relievers, to be honest with you. 

Desirée, Sonus: That doesn't sound like a bad Saturday; very diverse. What is your favorite restaurant and your perfect order? We kind of wanna...

Mike, Collective Solutions: Well, I'm going to have to say my favorite place to eat is actually here in Arizona, it's called San Tan Flats. It's a country-themed bar that has the best steak soaking in butter with creamed corn, a fully loaded potato, and a buttered biscuit. 

Brock, Sonus: Are you getting water, wine, beer? What's that look like? 

Mike, Collective Solutions: Probably going to have a local beer. 

Brock, Sonus: Okay, alright. 

Mike, Collective Solutions: Yep.

Brock, Sonus: I think that gets us through, thank you absolutely so much for your time this morning.

Mike, Collective Solutions: I appreciate your time. Thank you so much.

Brock, Sonus: Yeah, thank you so much. So let everyone know how they can get ahold of you Mike.

Mike, Collective Solutions: You can get a hold of me either email or call me, but yeah, we’d love to help.

Brock, Sonus: Perfect. Yeah, we’ll put all that in the information, we’ll link it up everywhere, and if you want to learn more about Sonus’ products of course, You may be there right now, you may also be on YouTube, so go check us out — tons of cool stuff in the pipeline, worked really hard this year, really excited to start this new interview series. Mike, you were a great first guest! Thank you so much.

Desirée, Sonus: So great to have you, thank you for joining us on the Sonus Sound off 2021!

Mike, Collective Solutions: Thank you guys so much.

Brock, Sonus: See you guys. Bye bye, have a great day!

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