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Meet Kinzli Schroeder: The Newest Addition to The Sonus Team!

Sonus is thrilled to welcome Kinzli Schroeder to our team! With a diverse background that includes sales, management, and even experience in the beauty industry, Kinzli brings a unique perspective to our work as an acoustic panel manufacturing company. Kinzli is also an adventurous outdoor enthusiast with a love for travel and a passion for design and construction.

Before joining Sonus, Kinzli worked as a General Manager in the beauty industry for six years. She also has experience in sales and management from her time at Verizon. But it's Kinzli's passion for design and construction that truly sets her apart. Growing up around the construction industry — her father is a finish carpenter — has given her a natural ability to work with contractors and designers. Kinzli is excited to apply her skills to Sonus' work in acoustic panel manufacturing and we can't wait to see the innovative solutions she'll bring to our team.

Kinzli's love for design and construction is matched only by her love for the great outdoors. As a Colorado native, she never gets tired of exploring the state's stunning landscapes, and her furry sidekick — a great Pyrenees mix who could easily pass for a polar bear — is always up for an adventure. Kinzli loves camping, hiking, and off-roading in her trusty Jeep, and she's always looking for new places to explore. When she's not out in nature, Kinzli can usually be found relaxing in her hammock with a good book.

Travel is another one of Kinzli's passions. Although she hasn't been able to do much international travel lately, Kinzli loves exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Her adventurous spirit and love for travel make her a great fit for Sonus, where we're constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to use our acoustic panels to enhance the sound quality of various spaces.

At Sonus, we're thrilled to have Kinzli on board. Her diverse skillset, love for design and construction, and passion for the outdoors and travel make her the perfect addition to our team. We're excited to see what amazing things she'll accomplish with us as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of acoustic panel technology!

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