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Decked Out Halls For Praise Worthy People

Be a hero in your community by taking 2 minutes to fill out a form!

We want to make an impact on the people and places in your community and we are asking for your help! We want you to help us find groups, non-profits or even people who make a large impact on our communities. Over the next two weeks, we are gathering a list of the people and groups in your community that you are passionate about.

Last year, after hundreds of votes were tallied, Live & Learn Arizona won thousands of dollars in custom acoustic panels for their office through our yearly giving program Decked Out Halls for Praiseworthy People.

Live & Learn’s mission is to “Empower women to break the cycle of generational poverty.” In their space, they do hundreds of hours of teaching and training and by now we all know how noise reduces focus and cognition. Also, as you can probably guess, many emotional and private conversations happen in their office. Adding acoustic solutions to make learning easier and conversations private was a perfect match. And we are giving again this year!

Nominate a deserving person, non-profit, or group to win and let us outfit their space, at no cost to them, with the best acoustic products on the planet.

Nonprofits are welcome but others can be nominated too — maybe it's an organization that does yard work and house maintenance for seniors, maybe it's somebody trying to write their first book after a life-changing experience, maybe it's Make-A-Wish. All suggestions are welcome. We are excited to see what you can come up with!


  • The winner will receive $2,000 worth of Sonus products of their choosing and an acoustics consultation courtesy of Sonus.
  • Contest schedule is as follows: 
  • 10/20–11/03 Entries of praise-worthy people can be submitted
  • 11/17 Sonus announces 8 candidates
  • 11/17–12/31 Public voting open
  • 1/2/2022 Sonus announces the winner based on total votes
  • Entries are limited to one per person.
  • Product will be shipped no later than 9/30/2023.
  • Eligibility is limited to candidates within the United States of America.

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