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Sonus: Brand New and Thirty Years Old

Three decades ago the Harrison family began selling acoustic panels out of a small shop in Northern Colorado. Over the years they built the company into one of the most well-respected architecture and construction manufacturers in North America. Lifelong friends Darren Chambers and Kevin Simons saw the almost unlimited potential of the products, staff, and industry, and in June of 2020, purchased the business and committed to build on the strong foundation — reinvesting in research and development, service-oriented sales and customer relations, modern manufacturing practices and sustainability, staff development, and our community. With the fresh perspective came the need for a new face, a new voice, and a new way of doing business. Welcome to Sonus and!

“The new branding for Sonus represents who we are as a team and our community of designers and builders. We needed to show our friendly and considerate approach to business, passion for design and execution, and appreciation for simplicity and ease.”

The new logo consists of a custom typeface and an O that represents how dynamic sound is in a space and how we master it. The new website was built from the ground up, focusing on thoughtful content, an easy to use product exploration section that mirrors an e-commerce experience we all use weekly, backend capabilities for distributors and sales staff to track orders and support customers, and a super quick way to get estimates, order samples, request a consultation, or schedule a lunch and learn.

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