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Quality is Our Legacy

No one does it better.

Meticulously crafted like your future depends on it, because it does.


  • Fabric is adhered using our patented VACU-BOND® process
  • We use the highest-quality fiberglass core with hardened edges for stability
  • Corners are meticulously tailored for a beautifully finished product
  • Durable impact protection available
  • Easy to install

Precise Production
Faster Fulfillment
Easy Installation


Fabric & Printed Canvas

Sonus panels can be selected in a number of different shapes and thicknesses to fit any space, providing visual interest or blending in with the interior design. A wide variety of colors and fabric textures are available from Knoll, Guilford of Maine, and more. More than just great looks, Sonus Panels carry a .85 NRC and Class A Fire Rating.

With the quickness

Standard panels will be shipped in just 2–3 weeks.


Fabric & Printed Canvas

Baffles are a great way to conquer noise in spaces with higher ceilings. They can also allow for a more creativity with shape and design. Our Unity and Tidal baffles are a perfect representation of this. Plus, many businesses such as retail and hospitality are discovering they are great for branding, information, and storytelling. Sonus baffles carry a .85 NRC and Class A Fire Rating.

Take a peek

All Sonus orders can be tracked from submittal to delivery. You'll never have a question about what to expect when.


Fabric & Wood Veneer

Sound tends to reverberate in ceiling areas due to a lack of soft surfaces that spaces have towards the ground like rugs and furniture. Clouds are perfect for less expansive spaces or as a design decision. They can be both round and square. Sonus Clouds are made with a white topside scrim so that color does not reflect onto the ceilings above. No matter the shape or covering, they range in NRC from .85–1.05 and come with a Class A Fire Rating.

Install experts

Every project gets a Pre-install meeting with a Sonus Customer Success team member, ensuring everything goes according to plan.

A league above

Sonus' patented Vacu-bond process allows us to create panels with smoother surfaces and crisp corners. When we say our quality is unmatched, we mean it. We have the pictures to prove it.
For now we'll spare others any embarrassment. For now...

Why Sonus

Old Sage Wisdom

Startup Innovation

For decades, we've earned our reputation for the best acoustic panels, baffles, and clouds in the world. Today, Sonus is also recognized for keeping up with the continuously evolving world of our design and build community.

This last year alone, we've introduced 5 new systems and solutions.

We continue to stand out in our industry thanks to our quality, our speed, our commitment to transparency and value.



Options include:

  • Impaling Clips
  • Rotofast Snap-on Anchors
  • Z Clips
  • Rotofast Cloud Anchors
  • Cable Grippers

Panel, Baffle, and Cloud Tech Specs

Sound Performance
Fire Performance
Class A
Panels up to 60”
Clouds up to 48"
1", 2" (custom thicknesses available)
Up to 120”
Surface Details
Fabric or Printed Canvas
Edge Detail
Beveled and Angled Edges Optional
Installation Type
Wall or Ceiling 
(direct or suspended)
6-7lb Fiberglass Board
Unit of Sale
Per Sq ft


See individual products for more covering and finishing options and details.

Other Sonus Acoustic Solutions

Side Step

3D Channeled Felt Panel


Cylindrical Baffle


Acostic Wood Panel System
Product Fit

We will always shoot you straight.

Sonus panels, baffles, and clouds aren't the best option for all situations. We don't make the cheapest panels, we leave that to the companies who stuff their panels with inferior rock wool or crank them out so indifferently it looks like a dog made them.

Our panels are the best value. For pennies more you can have panels that look impeccable, go through an exhaustive quality control process before shipping, and carry a five year warranty if you let our network of installers install them.

Simply put, you won't get this kind of transparency from other companies. We believe in being up-front and working together with you towards the best solution.

Take less. Make right. Re-use.

We believe in sourcing with a conscience. We partner with suppliers that think environment-first.

Designing with intention is a commitment. It means you not only design for look and function, but also to minimize the product you need to make it.

Sonus will reclaim or re-use any of our acoustic panels. And we’ll even pay for the shipping.

Use Sonus Panels, Baffles, and Clouds in your project.