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Humanity Is At The Center Of Everything We Do

Solving pain points, enabling technologies, and co-creating actionable solutions that improve the human experience.

Architecture, engineering, and construction is more than building walls and roofs. It’s a community. A community that is empowered by seeing others do well, inspired by ingenuity, and motivated by providing the best possible experience for those we build for.

We Solve

“I need to easily discover unique, innovative, and modern solutions.”
Sonus solves for that:
  1. Wood Systems, Innovative New Products, Patented Dimensionals
  2. The Sonus Custom Shop

Open welcoming designs and beautiful hard surfaces are hallmarks of modern interior architecture. Those concepts are not kind to sound quality and quality of life. Whether you are designing from the concept phase or rejuvenating an existing space, sound dampening is often an afterthought and it can take away from the overall aesthetic.

Get tactile with it!
“Durable products and relationships I can trust are crucial.”
Sonus solves for that:
  1. Five Year Warranty
  2. Order Transparency and Speedy Response Times

Durability of products can make or break a project, or a career. You rarely want the cheapest product, you want the most valuable. Poor durability and fitful relationships quickly turn a low-priced solution into a very expensive one. We take pride in everything we do and will always do the right thing. To put it another way, we got your back.

30 years of acoustic experience, just a click away...
“Time is of the essence. I can always use more time and help.”
Sonus solves for that:
  1. Sonus Pro Installer Network
  2. 2–3 Week Standard Lead Times

“We’ll take it from here.” Twelve week lead times, last minute design changes, slow customer service response, and understaffed job sites are things we hear about on a weekly basis. We hear you and we are doing something about it.

Estimates within 24 hours.


We help our community solve problems with sound. Helping you design experiences where people can be at their best.



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Sonus News

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Three decades ago the Harrison family began selling acoustic panels out of a small shop in Northern Colorado. Over the years they built the company into one of the most well-respected architecture and construction manufacturers in North America. Lifelong friends Darren Chambers and Kevin Simons...