A Team Effort At Temple Beth Am

Location: Miami, FL
Project Value
≈ $200,000
Temple Beth Am
General Contractor:
Moss CM
Sales Associate:
Frank Meints
2” Fabric Acoustic Panels, Trava Wood Acoustic Wall Panels, Aoudi Wood Acoustic Wall Panels, Standard Wood Veneered Panels
Install Date:
October 2022
Acoustic Provider:
Acoustic Consultant:
Sergio Molho from Walter-Storyk Design Group (WSDG)

Why Sonus?

In a recent collaboration with Temple Beth Am, Sonus took on the challenge of reshaping the auditory landscapes of two primary spaces—an auditorium and a gymnasium. We thrive on not only addressing sound attenuation but also enhancing visual appeal to align seamlessly with the aesthetic our clients wish to amplify. WSDG turned to us to provide the best acoustic solutions for this space. What made Sonus stand above the rest? We were the perfect one-stop shop for all their needs. We provided visually stunning and effective acoustic solutions in both wood and fabric options. Our line up of products is so versatile they were able to find something for their every need. Wood, felt, or fabric, we have it all. Given the opportunity, we eagerly embraced the challenge to elevate these spaces.

Collaboration with Walter-Storyk Design Group

Working in tandem with WSDG, we ensured that the auditorium's sound quality met the highest standards. The consultants recommended specific products based on the acoustical needs, resulting in an exceptional auditory experience. Our commitment to product quality and client satisfaction was so above and beyond that we soon received a request to replace another manufacturer’s product, in a completely different space, that did not meet the desired standards. The people at Temple Beth Am were so impressed by the quality of the products and the difference they made in the space that we are planning to return to replace additional existing acoustic products on the campus that are falling short of expectations.

Auditorium Space

The auditorium space presented a unique set of challenges, but nothing we couldn’t handle. To achieve optimal acoustics, we installed a variety of acoustic products, including fabric-wrapped clouds suspended from the ceiling. The installer had to make many on-site cuts in our fabric clouds because of lighting fixtures and fire alarms at random intervals in the ceiling but with our patented Vacubond process, this was a breeze. What sets our panels apart, from other panels on the market, is that our Vacubond process allows for on-site custom cuts without compromising the integrity of the fabric. This not only facilitated the installation process for contractors but also ensured a visually appealing and acoustically effective solution.

Another noteworthy feature in the auditorium was the wood panels with backlighting, strategically placed on every wall. We employed a mix of our Trava panels which are micro-perforated for noise attenuation and hardwood panels, using the same veneer to create a seamless and sequenced transition between the two. Sourcing wood from a single flitch for consistent tonality and grain structure, contributed to a harmonious aesthetic throughout the space.

Gymnasium Space

In the gymnasium, we were tasked with coming up with the right products to help with the noise of a gym, while still looking incredible, and being able to take a hit. The 2-inch fabric panels, coupled with the innovative Aoudi Plank, not only provided high-impact surface solutions but also added a touch of visual appeal. The before and after sound in the space was instantly noticeable and it looks just as good as it sounds, if we do say so ourselves.

The successful transformation of Temple Beth Am's auditorium and gymnasium spaces stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of a skilled team, with each member playing a crucial role in achieving the desired outcome. From the specifier, Amicon, to the general contractor, Moss CM, and the installer, Lotspeich, every participant contributed their expertise to the project's success.

However, the true catalyst that propelled these spaces to new auditory heights was the invaluable partnership with the acoustic consulting company, WSDG. In particular, the expertise of WSDG's acoustic consultant, Sergio Molho, played a pivotal role in ensuring that the sound quality met the highest standards. Molho's recommendations, based on precise acoustical analysis, guided the selection of specific Sonus products, leading to an exceptional auditory experience for Temple Beth Am.

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