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From Timber to Tranquility: Sonus' Wood Acoustic Innovations

Sonus Wood Products New and Improved Innovations!

At Sonus, we've always strived to harmonize aesthetics and acoustics, elevating interior spaces with our premium acoustic panel solutions. Today, we are thrilled to unveil an exciting array of revamped wood products and brand-new innovations that are set to redefine acoustic design. Our commitment to blending functionality and elegance has led us to introduce the Aoudi Linear Wood Acoustic Plank Ceiling System, Loda Wood and Loda Wood LED Acoustic Baffles, Trava Acoustic Wood Wall Panel, Aoudi Acoustic Wood Plank Herringbone Ceiling, Trava Acoustic Wood Cloud, Aoudi Acoustic Wood Plank Wall System, and Trava Acoustic Wood Ceiling Panel. These groundbreaking additions to our wood product lineup are designed to inspire creativity, enrich spatial experiences, and enhance acoustic performance like never before. Join us as we embark on a journey through the extraordinary world of Sonus acoustic innovation.

Aoudi Linear Wood Acoustic Plank Ceiling System

In your quest for contemporary wooden surface materials, don't simply tread the plank; embrace the convenience of pre-built planks! These planks come in 3-panel sections, making them ideal for both extensive areas and decorative accents. They seamlessly combine the sound-absorbing attributes of acoustic panels with the exquisite aesthetics of wood. Unlike typical wood acoustic solutions, our panels effectively reduce noise without requiring additional materials or unsightly, large holes drilled or routed into the wood. What's more, Sonus planks are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Loda Wood LED Acoustic Baffle

Loda, now perfected with integrated LED features. This offering combines genuine wood, a high-quality acoustic core, and versatile installation options—all at an affordable price point. Loda shatters the conventional notion that you must choose between high quality, affordability, and speedy installation. Incorporating wood into spaces introduces a sense of warmth often missing in contemporary design, allowing designers to leave outdated, overly embellished solutions behind.

Trava Acoustic Wood Wall Panel

Our architectural finishing systems are meticulously crafted to cover extensive surface areas with simplicity, elegance effortlessly, and above all, functionality. Utilizing both standard and customized hardware, we transform ordinary walls into captivating ambient or accent pieces that also effectively address acoustic challenges. Prepare to fall in love with our Effortless Large Vertical Installation System—it's simply irresistible.

Aoudi Acoustic Wood Plank Herringbone Ceiling

This design features four-foot-long planks that are six inches wide, with a carton containing sixteen planks. Whether you're working with vast spaces or looking to add accents, these planks deliver all the sound-absorbing qualities of acoustic panels while presenting the appearance of genuine wood.

Trava Acoustic Wood Cloud

Experience the elegance of wood and the advantages of acoustic clouds in one comprehensive solution. What more can we say?

Aoudi Acoustic Wood Plank Wall System

These designs come in four- or eight-foot-long panels that are six to twelve inches wide, making them perfect for both expansive areas and decorative accents. Enjoy all the sound-absorbing benefits of acoustic panels while reveling in the aesthetic appeal of wooden boards.

Trava Acoustic Wood Ceiling Panel

Our architectural finishing systems are meticulously engineered to seamlessly cloak extensive surface areas with ease, grace, and, most importantly, functionality. Turning standard grid ceilings into stunning wooden surfaces that also effectively address acoustic concerns has never been this straightforward.

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