Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere: Sonus at Crush Yard

• Client: Crush Yard   
• Project Value: ≈ $115,000 
• Installer: Carolina Construction of Charleston    
• Acoustic Provider: Sonus    
• Install Date: 11/23
• Acoustician: RT calculations done by Sonus

In the hectic world of indoor pickleball at Crush Yard, the challenge was more than just creating a quiet space. It was a task of not only managing sound but also shaping the ideal atmosphere for players and spectators alike.

The Practical Challenge of Pickleball and Acoustics

Pickleball's lively nature and quick-paced exchanges presented a unique acoustic challenge. Instead of merely hushing the energy of the game, Sonus aimed to work with it. The goal was clear – reduce unwanted noise without losing the vibrant essence of the sport.

As seen in the images above, Truss Me Baffles (in two colors Tangerine & Latte), were used to enhance the acoustic environment of Crush Yard, ensuring optimal sound management while preserving the vibrant energy of the game.

What sets Crush Yard apart is not just the number of pickleball courts but the thoughtful consideration of acoustic details. The Sonus touch is evident throughout, ensuring that the acoustics contribute positively to the energy and enjoyment of players and spectators. It's about creating an auditory setting that complements the athleticism on display.

Crush Yard exemplifies how acoustic solutions redefine spaces practically. It's an acknowledgment that crafting the perfect atmosphere is about more than just controlling sound. Sonus demonstrates that acoustic harmony is about enriching the essence of a space, allowing every game and every moment at Crush Yard to resonate in an atmosphere as dynamic as the sport itself.

In the realm of pickleball, where precision matters both on and off the court, Sonus shows that acoustic solutions go beyond mere quieting – they're about creating the right auditory experience. Welcome to Crush Yard, where the game isn't just played; it's heard with practical perfection.

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