Sonus and Jacaranda SanFoot Present “Flexibility in Wood Veneer”

Sonus is thrilled to announce its partnership with Jacaranda SanFoot to bring an exceptional CEU to the architectural community. This course will open your eyes to the many advantages of expertly crafted wood veneers.

Exploring the Wood Veneer Revolution:

The course focuses on using ultra-thin wood veneers (0.2mm) and innovative materials to bond natural premium veneers to various substrates. This not only broadens design possibilities but also significantly reduces the demand for natural and financial resources.

Architects who take this course will:

  1. Enhance Technical Skills: Gain proficiency in using thin wood veneers, reducing technical challenges.
  1. Innovate with Confidence: Learn how to integrate these technologies for cost-effective and sustainable design.
  1. Effective Client Communication: Communicate the benefits of these technologies to clients with confidence.
  1. Master Veneer Techniques: Understand veneer slicing, matching, and assembly for practical design applications.
  1. Sustainable Design: Discover sustainable uses of premium wood species for sound-absorbing architectural products.


Anthony Riggi

I am the author and presenter of “Flexibility in Wood Veneer." Allow me the pleasure to share with you resources to achieve fantastic, affordable, and functional interiors.

My materials and system journey began in 1992, supporting specifiers, property owners, and tradespeople to turn ideas into physical realities. My career offered an ever-increasing knowledge of decorative surfaces, such as wood veneers, laminates, and systems to manage all aspects of decor, durability, and acoustic absorptions in the commercial interior space.  

I support the industry in its alignment with ecology for a sustainable future. I am well versed in communicating the new challenge of Carbon Accounting and how EPD’s and LCA’s are a tool in that goal. 

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