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A New CEU From Sonus "How To Cut Acoustics From Your Budget"

Do you know that we know that you already know how important acoustics are to the people in your spaces? We also know that acoustics and finishings are often the first thing to get cut when looking to rein in a budget and so far you haven’t found the best way to win the good fight.

Have you ever needed or wanted to include acoustics in a project, but couldn’t fit it in your budget? Well, Architects (and Interior Designers and Clients and anybody who goes into a workplace or hospital or restaurant or… you get the picture), rejoice! We have finalized our first original CEU about how to get and keep acoustic panels, baffles, and clouds in your plans.

Our presentation, “How to Cut Acoustics from Your Budget,” includes important learning objectives that every architect should know. These objectives include everything from how acoustics will improve the space, both visually and acoustically, to creative, proven ways we have helped Architects maintain their acoustics budget.

Our CEU is jam-packed with studies and proven statistics that are the foundation but not the focus. The presentation gathers our 30 years of successfully implementing acoustics using more than data. Being a creative problem solver, a trusted advisor, an advocate, a visionary, a value-driven budget analyst, has a significantly better outcome than the typical data dump in keeping products in your spec. Yet all the statements in this presentation are based on science and facts, making the benefits of acoustics undeniable. 

If you are an architect or interior designer interested in solving the acoustics value “problem” or just looking to get some credits for your license and not be bored to sleep while doing it, then this is the perfect presentation for you. Our CEU will give you all the information you’ll need to include acoustics in your next project.  Sign up for a Lunch & Learn about our CEU here!

You can also reach out directly to Brian MacKenzie, our VP of sales, at or (513) 818-6237

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