The Colonnade Project

The Colonnade Project

In the world of architectural marvels, each project has a story of innovation and craftsmanship. The Colonnade Project, orchestrated by JBJ Construction, is a fusion of aesthetics and acoustic brilliance.

Client: JBJ Construction
Project Value: ≈ $222,570
General Contractor: JBJ Construction
Installer: Azurite Builders - Gregory Mater
Acoustic Provider: Sonus
Products: Aoudi Herringbone
Install Date: October 2023

The Genesis
The journey kicked off when the client, with the help of Sam Cohen of JBJ Construction and inspired by Sonus's prior achievements, envisioned. The Colonnade project. The spaces in The Colonnade, a high-end senior living campus, needed an exacting acoustic touch. Creating a calm and comfortable environment for the residents was of the utmost importance. Armed with vivid 3-D renders depicting Herringbone patterns in dining spaces, the challenge was set – to transform these visions into reality.

Crafting the Solution
We presented an array of innovative options – Trava panels with a Herringbone pattern veneer, wood printed felt, and Aoudi planks in a custom herringbone pattern utilizing Jacaranda real wood veneer. After meticulous consideration and submittal samples, the Aoudi solution emerged as the victor.

Overcoming Challenges
Implementing Aoudi planks in a Herringbone pattern presented unique challenges. Conventional spearclips were deemed unsuitable, leading to the adoption of a peel-n-stick hardware solution. Seamless installation, without pattern deviation, required the expertise of installer Gregory Mater from Azurite Builders.

A mockup was created to anticipate potential issues, giving birth to a custom jig for precise plank mounting. Each plank's uniform size and meticulous attention to veneer-grain direction became crucial notes in this project. Opting to mount plywood to the ceiling before attaching planks orchestrated an even face, overcoming the complexities of finishing a ceiling to level 3 or 4.

The Result
The three dining spaces adorned with Aoudi planks in recessed ceilings became a visual and auditory delight. No amount of acoustic panels could have helped with the volume of our client's satisfaction. They went as far as to say these ceilings should be the standard for future retirement homes.

Beyond Expectations
In a pivotal moment of realization, Arktura Felt, initially specified, fell short of providing the desired fit and finish. Trust in Sonus and the installer brought them back for a genuine solution, underscoring the unparalleled combination of aesthetics, acoustic excellence, and a commitment to creative problem-solving.

Harmony in Collaboration
The Colonnade Project epitomizes the potency of collaboration between visionary clients, dedicated contractors, and innovative acoustic solutions. As the Herringbone patterns grace the ceilings, Sonus once again asserts that every space has its unique story, waiting to be told through the seamless harmony of design and acoustics. The Colonnade Project is not just a composition; it's a masterpiece that echoes the ethos of elegance in every plank.

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