Sonus Acoustic Panels Transform Maricopa Tribal Council Podcast Studio

Project Details:

  • Client: Maricopa Indian Community Tribal Council
  • Industry: Media and Entertainment
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Project Value: Approximately $10,000

The Challenge: The Maricopa Tribal Council knew their podcast studio was going to face significant sound quality issues that would impact their recording and editing processes. They needed a solution to mitigate reverb and improve overall sound quality but they were on a tight budget.

The Solution: Sonus, in collaboration with the council, embarked on a project to address these acoustic challenges. We worked with them to find the best solution at a price point that would work for them. Together we selected a range of felt acoustic panels to optimize the studio's sound environment. Felt panels ended up being the perfect blend of style, variety and effectiveness.

Product Selection:

  • Side Step: Was selected for its unique textured look that fit the modern theme of the studio and its impressive NRC rating
  • Slatt Attack: The peel-and-stick nature of these panels made installation a breeze. Their ease of use contributed to the efficiency of the project and added a nice accent wall to be the back drop of the space.
  • Hexagon Shapeshift: These panels were selected for their excellent acoustic performance and cost-effectiveness. They provided a unique accent to the control room while providing a harmonious blend of functionality and affordability.

The Transformation: One of our most trusted installers, Gregory Mater, took charge of the installation, carefully placing the selected acoustic panels in both the podcast studio and the control room. This comprehensive approach ensured that sound quality was optimized during recording and editing, reducing reverb and enhancing overall acoustics.

The Impact: The results were remarkable. Prior to the installation, the studio suffered from noticeable reverb, which affected the quality of recordings. However, after the acoustic panel installation, the sound quality was significantly improved, meeting and exceeding the client's expectations. The council and an on-site AV specialist were truly impressed by the transformation.

Gregory Mater joked, "It took them almost a full minute to pull their jaws off the floor. The client was impressed by how much difference there was, both visually and acoustically." The AV specialist present during the transformation was equally astounded, emphasizing the impact of the NRC-focused sound solutions and high-quality acoustic panels.

In Conclusion: While this project may not have been the most extensive, it showcased the power of Sonus's acoustic solutions and the importance of NRC values in addressing sound quality issues. The Maricopa Tribal Council's podcast studio is now equipped with the tools needed to produce top-notch audio content, all while aligning with their budget constraints.

Sonus is committed to delivering superior acoustic solutions that leave a lasting impact, project after project, enhancing sound quality and creating optimal recording environments. If you have a project that you know needs sound attenuation hit us up to geek-out about acoustics and learn how we can help you.

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