Helping each other be more resourceful, resilient, and regenerative.

"Doing the right thing” is pretty straight forward and leaves little room for ambiguity. It means doing right by our values, our employees, our customers, and the world at large. It means doing good things. Even though our program is young, we believe we have begun an awesome journey.

Take Less.
Make Right.

Take Less

We believe in sourcing with a conscience. We partner with suppliers that think the same way. From the core substrate to the adhesives we use, it is important that they be well-designed, tested, and environmentally responsible. We look for partners that focus on Take Less, Make it Right, and Re-Use more:

Wood Veneers

Applying forest management practices including: (1) natural forests or reclaimed lands where only a limited number of trees are allowed to be harvested each year; and (2) plantation grown trees which are planted specifically for the production of veneer and lumber. Trees that may be endangered in their native lands are once again available thanks to plantations growing a sustainable yield and reliable supply of otherwise diminishing species.


Most of our fabrics are 65% pre-consumer, 35% post-consumer recycled polyester or 100% post-consumer polyester fabrics. Fabrics that are made from 100% recycled or compostable material using increasingly sustainable manufacturing practices to produce a high quality product that is recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Core Substrate

The recycled content used in the production of our core material makes up 56% of the total weight.

Make Right

Designing with intention is a commitment. It means you not only design for look and function, but also to minimize the product you need to make it. We spend countless hours optimizing designs so they not only look great, but also maximize every source material we use. That is another reason we have standard sizes: we minimize scrap and waste so less of it ends up in the landfill. Our goal is to reduce scrap by 65% over the next 5 years.


Our Re-Use program has a simple goal: reduce the amount of material being disposed of in landfills. Sonus will reclaim or re-use any of our acoustic panels. Send us the panels and we’ll dispose of them in a responsible way.

Additionally, we offer a reason for you to address your acoustical panels when you upgrade a space. When you order new designs or coverings, simply place the original panels into the crate that the new products came in, ship them to us, and we will inspect and re-use the core substrate.

Oh… worried about the cost of freight? Don’t fret. It’s on us.

Outside of “doing” manufacturing “right”, we also want to make the world a better place by ensuring our employees are engaged and treated with the highest respect with the opportunity to not only provide for their family but provide for others as well.

Our Employees (And The Community Around Us)

By providing best-in-market for the industry wages, a rich and affordable health plan, 401k Retirement, and paid vacation, sick, and bereavement leave, we can help our employees be healthy and financially secure for themselves and their families.

We also give them an opportunity to give back to the community individually or as a team. An employee can choose to use eight (8) hours of paid community service time on a service that is important to them, or they can join the leadership team in building a home for Habitat for Humanity.

Enough about us! How do we help you be more sustainable? We contribute to achieving LEED credits and points.

LEED is the most widely recognized and used green building program across the globe, certifying 1.6 million square feet of building space each day, in more than 130 countries. LEED is a certification program for buildings, homes, and communities that guides design, construction, operations and maintenance.

We’re proud to be able to help our designers and builders earn LEED certification points and achieve full certification.

LEED Category and Credit Contributions:

  • LEED MR 3 (Healthcare) - Sustainably Sourced Materials and Products
  • LEED MR 4 - Recycled Content
  • LEED MR 5 (Commercial interiors) - Materials Manufactured Regionally
  • LEED EQ 9  - Enhanced Acoustical Performance
If you have questions about our program or how our products are made, feel free to contact us.