Introducing the New Additions to Our Sonus Felt Lineup: Innovative Acoustic Solutions for a Sound Revolution

We're here to introduce you to our latest lineup of felt-tastic acoustic products that are anything but ordinary. Say hello to Olino, 5th Dimension, Jimmy Beam, Shape Shift Groove, Serial Box LED and Side Step - our five new rockstar additions to the Sonus family. These bad boys are here to shake up the sound game in your space like never before. With their killer looks, customizable options, and mind-blowing sound absorption and diffusion, our acoustic products are ready to hit the stage and steal the show. So get ready to groove with us as we take you on a tour of these funky-fresh additions to our Sonus lineup.


Sonus, the pioneer in innovative acoustic solutions, is raising the bar again with our latest product, Olino. Say goodbye to bland flat panels and hello to a new era of organic and approachable design. Olino boasts a durable aluminum structure that stands the test of time, paired with internal materials that deliver superior noise reduction performance. But the best part? You can have the best without breaking the bank! Join us as we revolutionize the ceiling game with Olino, the ultimate fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Get ready to elevate your space with Sonus and experience the difference that Olino brings to the table.

5th Dimension

5th Dimension by Sonus - the hassle-free, hardware-free solution that will delight your senses and transform your space. If you have a ceiling grid, you need 5th Dimension. Installation couldn't be easier - simply lift the X-shaped cloud, place it in an empty space at an angle, rest the notches on the grid, and move on to the next one. It's that simple! Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to a whole new world of acoustic bliss with 5th Dimension. Let's dive into the details of this game-changing product that's taking the acoustic world by storm!

Jimmy Beam

Introducing a new acoustic sensation that will make your space rock and roll - meet Jimmy Beam by Sonus! Inspired by the smoothness of Jim Beam whiskey, this innovative acoustic baffle is designed to captivate both your eyes and ears. Shaped like a beam, Jimmy Beam brings a unique and playful touch to any interior while delivering outstanding sound absorption performance. Whether you're looking to jazz up your office, restaurant, or entertainment space, Jimmy Beam is here to steal the show. So, let's raise a glass (or a baffle) to the perfect blend of style and functionality with Jimmy Beam by Sonus! Cheers to a new era of acoustic excellence!

Shape Shift Groove

Shape Shift Groove, the ultimate wall covering for those who dare to defy design conventions. With its unique routed geometric channels, Groove breaks the mold of standard wall panels, offering a little extra flair and intrigue. Choose from five captivating designs that can be tiled to perfection, whether you prefer simplicity with one design, a bold mix of two, or an avant-garde fusion of all five. Embrace the beauty of chaos or revel in the perfection of patterns - the possibilities are endless with Shape Shift Groove by Sonus. Get ready to transform your space into a stunning work of art that captivates the senses and sparks the imagination. Let your walls groove to the rhythm of your creativity with this innovative wall covering that redefines the boundaries of acoustic design.

Serial Box LED

Imagine your favorite breakfast cereal, those delicious sugary morsels that bring back memories of Saturday morning cartoons. Well, our new product, Serial Box LED, is just as delightful. With serialized rectangle baffles that resemble a fresh box of cereal, it's a unique and playful addition to our architectural lineup. But Serial Box LED offers more than just visual appeal, it's a 2-for-1 value that combines style and functionality. Just like getting both Tony's cornflakes and the captain's crunch, we've got you covered. So, let's bring some fun and excitement to your space with Serial Box LED!

Side Step

Side Step, but not literally, you won’t want to miss this! Say hello to a new era of modern wall design with our revolutionary product that will crush reverb and elevate your space to new dimensions. Introducing Multidimensional Felt, the eight-feet-tall wall panels that are 36" wide and packed with features. With hollow channels or ribs, you can unleash your creativity with up to three different colors for a truly unique look. But it's not just about aesthetics - Multidimensional Felt is designed to attenuate noise as it enters the ribs and further inside the chamber, delivering superior acoustic performance. In fact, its NRC rating of 1.05 surpasses regular wall panels by leaps and bounds, which means you can use less square footage while enjoying the benefits of both form and function. Don't settle for ordinary walls, step into the future with Multidimensional Felt and experience the difference it can make in your space.

In conclusion, we are bringing the noise (or rather, reducing it!) with our latest line-up of felt acoustic products: Olino, 5th Dimension, Jimmy Beam, Shape Shift Groove, and Side Step. We're not your average acoustic company – we do things differently! From our whiskey-inspired Jimmy Beam baffles to our mind-bending 5th Dimension solution, we're all about pushing the boundaries of acoustic design. Whether you want to add some groovy vibes to your walls or elevate your space with multi-dimensional panels, Sonus has got the goods. And hey, with NRC ratings that'll make your jaw drop (looking at you, Side Step with that whopping 1.05!), you can have both style and substance. So why settle for boring acoustics when you can have Sonus swagger? Contact us today and let's make your space the envy of all ears! Cheers to a new dimension of acoustic awesomeness!

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