Specifying Acoustics never Felt better.

PET Felt Ceiling and Wall Noise Cancelling Solutions

You asked. We listened.

Bringing our legendary innovation, attention to detail, speed, service, and value to the world of felt acoustics.

Felt unlocks a world of possibilities for designers and architects. Spaces are about facilitating the best experiences for all the senses. Sonus architects sound but for years our community of makers has been yearning for something that allowed them more flexibility and creativity.


  • Dynamic three dimensional shapes and interconnections never before possible
  • One third the weight of traditional acoustic panels — great for installation and shipping
  • Felt is made from 60% recycled plastic bottles and is 100% recyclable

60% Recycled
100% Recyclable
Sounds Good, Doesn't It?

Shiny & New

Grille Great

Felt Wall & Ceiling Panel

The best of both worlds: the beauty of Sonus Wood with the functionality of Felt. Grille Great was specifically designed for gridded ceilings and walls. Installing in just minutes, our Feltware system for ceilings is a 100% integrated Felt installation, while walls uses Feltware to z-bar. Offered in 4 standard wood species (and all 16 colors in our portfolio), Grille Great easily waterfalls from ceiling to floor.


The seven hollow felt slats allow for an incredible .95 NRC rating, making it one of the most absorbent panels on the market.

Rib It

Felt Wall Panels

Complexity, involved, and intricate are easy. Simplicity is hard. Rib It makes it look simple but features a number of thoughtful executions, making advanced design and installation simple. Each channel is beveled on all sides for more seamless panel-to-panel mating, the rhythmic lines create more perceptual space, in-field trimming takes seconds, and our new Feltware makes install a cinch.

Feltware Not Hardware

Our new patent-pending Feltware system reduces or eliminates the need for hardware. Wall and ceiling connections are made with Built-in felt "clips," saving you time and money.

Paradigm Shift

Multi-color Felt Wall Plank System

To cover surfaces big or small, Paradigm Shift is sold as a sequencing 16 sq ft plank pack. Measure your wall height and width, divide by 16, round up, and you have how many cartons you will need. Now select up to 3 colors and you are good to go.

All the Colors

With 16 colors to choose from and 4 wood-print species, we got what you need. Cue Biz Markie "Just a Friend."

Like a PB+J, Sonus is the perfect trifecta.

There isn't another manufacturer out there that does what we do — builds the best products available across three materials (fabric, wood, and felt). Different materials are right for different spaces. Since we know the ins and outs of each option, you'll get the best looking bang for your buck. Many times it's smart to mix materials in a building. Maybe its Fabric panels in the corridors, Wood in the lobby, and Felt in the shared space. Now for the first time you can knock off all your needs with one call and one specification.

Why Sonus

Old Sage Wisdom

Startup Innovation

For decades, we've earned our reputation for the best acoustic panels, baffles, and clouds in the world. Today, Sonus is also recognized for keeping up with the continuously evolving world of our design and build community.

In the last two years we have introduced two new product categories, wood and felt, and well over a dozen new products.

We continue to stand out in our industry thanks to our quality, our speed, our commitment to transparency and value.


Feltware & Hardware

Product Side Options include:

  • Feltware
  • Peel N Stick
  • Cable Grippers
  • 3/4" Stand-offs for wall applications


Sound Performance
0.45 – 1.70
Fire Performance
Class A
.5 lbs per sq ft (core materials)
Surface Details
Edge Detail
Exposed felt
100% recyclable polyester felt made from 60% recycled PET fibers
Installation Type
Wall or Ceiling (direct or grid)


Sweet Pea
Green Bean
70's Dark Wash
80's Acid Wash
90's Faded
Salt & Pep

20+ Felt Solutions and Counting...


Sonus Felt


Sonus Felt


Sonus Felt
Product Fit

We will always shoot you straight.

Sonus Felt isn't always the best option for all applications. Occasionally a project comes up that one of our other solutions, fabric or wood, is better for. Or maybe <gasp> another product that we don't make.

Simply put, you won't get this kind of transparency from other companies. We believe in being up-front and working together with you towards the best solution.

Take less. Make right. Re-use.

We believe in sourcing with a conscience. We partner with suppliers that think environment-first.

Designing with intention is a commitment. It means you not only design for look and function, but also to minimize the product you need to make it.

Sonus will reclaim or re-use any of our acoustic panels. And we’ll even pay for the shipping.

Use Sonus Acoustic Felt for your project.