Raise the Bar

Olino Cylinder Baffle

The first of its kind.

Olino reimagines the acoustic baffle.

Specialty ceilings have quickly become one of the hottest spaces in interior design. Ceilings have also become the best space for impactful noise reduction solutions. Sonus is leading the way with a number of new systems, integrations, and designs.

Olino raises the bar in every area when compared to standard flat panels — the design is more organic and approachable, the aluminum structure is more durable, and the internal material is more effective. The great part is you can have the best without breaking the bank.


Lightweight & Strong

The internal aluminum structure weighs just 2.4lbs per linear foot

Unparalleled Noise Reduction

0.95 Noise Reduction Coefficient


Fabric features Fosshield® Antimicrobial Technology


You won't find a more exacting cylinder baffle on the market

100% Recycled

The polyester acoustical fabric is 100% recycled

Perfect for All Ceiling Heights

With a diameter of just 8", Olino can be used in spaces where other baffles can't


Lengths, layouts, fabric color, hardware — it's all up to you

Solution Dyed

Resists sun and fading

There's Nothing Else Like It

Olino baffles are made like nothing else you'll find:

  • Flexible sound-absorbing acoutsical substrate
  • Perforated aluminum shell
  • 100% recycled polyester fabric
Why Sonus

Old Sage Wisdom

Startup Innovation

For decades, we've earned our reputation for the best acoustic panels, baffles, and clouds in the world. Today, Sonus is also recognized for keeping up with the continuously evolving world of our design and build community.

This last year alone, we've introduced 5 new systems and solutions.

We continue to stand out in our industry thanks to our quality, our speed, our commitment to transparency and value.


Cable Grippers

Hang and Adjust with the Click of a Button

The simplest way to hang baffles. Insert standard aircraft cabling into the side exit cable gripper and press the plunger to adjust.

Twist Clip

Easily Suspend Olino from Gridded Ceilings

Twist the clip onto a standard 1" t-grid, lift the completed grille to the ceiling grid, and use a washer and bolt to marry the grille to the twist clips.

Olino Tech

Sound Performance
Fire Performance
Class A
2.4 lbs per linear foot
48" or 96"
Surface Details
100% Recycled Polyester Fabric
Installation Type
High Sound Absorbtion Acoustic Substrate Core
Unit of Sale
Per Square Foot

Olino 100% Recycled Coverings

12 Additional Premium Colors Available
  • 90% post-consumer content
  • UL Classification
  • Solution dyed to resist sun & fading
  • Fosshield® Antimicrobial Technology

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Product Fit

We will always shoot you straight.

Olino baffles aren't the best option for all applications. If you are looking to reduce noise in ceiling areas for as cost-effectively as possible, Sonus flat panel baffles may be a better choice for you.

Simply put, you won't get this kind of transparency from other companies. We believe in being up-front and working together with you towards the best solution.

Take less. Make right. Re-use.

We believe in sourcing with a conscience. We partner with suppliers that think environment-first.

Designing with intention is a commitment. It means you not only design for look and function, but also to minimize the product you need to make it.

Sonus will reclaim or re-use any of our acoustic panels. And we’ll even pay for the shipping.

Use Olino baffles for your project.