Bringing the Wood Grille to the 21st Century

Veue Acoustic Wood Slat Wall and Ceiling Grille System

Say bye-bye 
to fiberboard.

Veue is the next generation of wood grilles.

Striking yet peaceful wood slats are an excellent way to add to a space by mastering light, textures, sight lines, and pattern. For thousands of years, the application has remained largely unchanged from the Asian tradition. Veue brings that tradition to the 21st century by allowing you to also master another important sense, sound. Veue panels are made using our acoustic core, wrapped meticulously in microperforated wood veneer, and placed on walls and ceiling utilizing a wood backer board system. Each pre-assembled panel section is 18" wide and contains eight wood acoustic slats.

Our wood architectural finishings systems are designed to seamlessly cover larger surface areas. It's never been easier to transform simple walls into a stunning ambient or accent addition while solving the space's sound challenge.

Better Noise Reduction
Easier Installation 

Less Cost

Form and function

The great look of wood panels with the NRC value of acoustic materials

Easier installation

One person can erect an entire system in hours, not days

Lower Carbon Footprint

Veue consumes a quarter of the natural resources

Reduced cost

The Sonus Wall System costs 28% less than MDF wall systems, on average

Increased rigidity

Redesigned with front and back layers of high-density acoustic board

Unparalleled sequencing

Consistency over 120+ sheets

Lighter weight

Just 30% of the weight of traditional MDF (1 lb/sqft vs 3.3 lbs for MDF)

Less material required

Veue doesn't need additional acoustic materials to reduce noise

It's in the Layers

Veue panels are a delicious layer cake of four important layers:

  • Additional layer of rigid high-density acoustic board
  • High-density 6–7lb acoustic board
  • Rigid high-density acoustic board
  • Jacaranda SanFoot Wood Veneer consisting of a unique five layer construction:
  • Two layers of polyurethane lacquer
  • High quality 0.2mm wood veneer
  • Paper interlayer
  • Aluminum, providing a moisture barrier and excellent impact resistance and fire ratings
  • Paper backing for coding of individual sheet identifications
Why Sonus

Old Sage Wisdom

Startup Innovation

For decades, we've earned our reputation for the best acoustic panels, baffles, and clouds in the world. Today, Sonus is also recognized for keeping up with the continuously evolving world of our design and build community.

This last year alone, we've introduced 5 new systems and solutions.

We continue to stand out in our industry thanks to our quality, our speed, our commitment to transparency and value.


vs. MDF

lbs/Sq ft
1 ¼”
4 ¾”*
Install Time
$43/ sq. ft.
Average Cost
$60/ sq. ft.
* With sub wall/insulation

Wood Backer Board

For perfectly spaced grille slats

Each 18" wide panel section comes pre-assembled using a series of 1" x 2.5" wood backer boards. These boards come in either white or black. These panel sections can be mounted to 15/16" ceiling grid using self tapping screws or direct to wall or ceiling substrate using standard screws and anchor systems.

Veue Tech

Sound Performance
Fire Performance
Class A
47" and 95" 
1.0 lbs per sq ft or 27 lbs per section
Surface Details
Wood Veneer
Edge Detail
Square and Edgebanded
Installation Type
Wall or Ceiling 
(direct or grid)
6-7lb Fiberglass Board
Standard - 3/4"
Unit of Sale
Per Panel Section (each)

Veue Coverings

Cherry FC
Red Oak FC
Walnut FC
White Oak RC
Over 100+ Coverings Available

SanFoot is a real wood veneer covering with combined features unlike any other. It’s natural beauty combined with it’s practical, hard-wearing finishes, makes SanFoot the ideal choice for most commercial and residential applications. Couple that with the ability to perfectly match the wall finishes with adjacent architectural millwork and doors and you have a turnkey wood solution.

Other Sonus Wood Acoustic Solutions


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Panel System

Loda & Loda LED

Specialty Baffles
Product Fit

We will always shoot you straight.

Veue grille isn't the best option for all applications. We don't recommend them in high traffic areas that need to withstand heavy damage.

Instead, we work closely with Jacaranda and other hard surface providers to seamlessly integrate and sequence wood selections from acoustic panels to MDF to real wood.

Simply put, you won't get this kind of transparency from other companies. We believe in being up-front and working together with you towards the best solution.

Take less. Make right. Re-use.

We believe in sourcing with a conscience. We partner with suppliers that think environment-first.

Designing with intention is a commitment. It means you not only design for look and function, but also to minimize the product you need to make it.

Sonus will reclaim or re-use any of our acoustic panels. And we’ll even pay for the shipping.

Use Aoudi Acoustic Planks for your project.