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Specialty Acoustics

We Make What's Next

Welcome to the next generation of acoustic solutions.

Specialty ceilings is the hottest space in interior design. Ceilings are also the best space for impactful noise reduction. Sonus is leading the way with new systems, integrations, and designs.


  • .85–.95 minimum NRC
  • Customizable
  • Industry-first materials and applications
  • Simple installation

New Designs
New Integrations

New Possibilities

Loda & Loda LED

Wood Acoustic Baffle

Optional LED, real wood, superior acoustic core, flexible installation options, priced right. Loda throws the old “high quality, lower cost, done quickly — pick two” maxim right out the window. Loda lets designers leave tired skeuomorphic solutions in the past where they belong.


Loda looks like one solid beautiful piece of real timber, but has the noise deadening of Sonus’ industry-best acoustic material


Cylindrical Baffle

Olino raises the bar in every area when compared to standard flat panels — the design is more organic and approachable, the aluminum structure is more durable, and the internal material is more effective. The great part is you can have the best without breaking the bank.

You got options

Multiple layouts, lengths, and coverings available


Paintable and Printable Baffle

Ever since modern acoustic solutions were introduced, architects and designers have been locked into the colors, patterns, and textures of the manufacturers. Kowen puts the decision making for space making back in the hands of those who should have it. Kowen is the Swiss Army Knife of the acoustics world.

Match or contrast

Paintable with any Sherwin Williams standard color, custom colors also available

Other Sonus Specialty Solutions


Magnetic Baffle


Panels, Baffles, and Clouds

Encapsulated Panels

Washable PVC Covered

What's on the inside counts (too)

Never satisfied, Sonus started from sketch to build some of our most popular solutions from the inside out.

Designed with a strategically centered hardboard, Loda reflects unabsorbed sound waves back into the high-density acoustic core for optimal performance.

Olino is made with an industry-first aluminum shell and filled with flexible acoustic material.

Why Sonus

Old Sage Wisdom

Startup Innovation

For decades, we've earned our reputation for the best acoustic panels, baffles, and clouds in the world. Today, Sonus is also recognized for keeping up with the continuously evolving world of our design and build community.

This last year alone, we've introduced 5 new systems and solutions.

We continue to stand out in our industry thanks to our quality, our speed, our commitment to transparency and value.



Our Specialty Acoustics can be installed with a number of different hardware options, nine to be exact. If you have a challenge, we have the answer.


Sound Performance
Fire Performance
Class A
8" for Olino
6-7lb Fiberglass Board or for Olino a Flexible Acoustic Core
Installation Type
Wall or Ceiling

Specialty Coverings

Wood Vener
100% Recycled Polyester Fiber
Paintable & Printable
See individual products for more covering and finishing options and details.

Other Sonus Acoustic Solutions


Grille System


Plank System


Panel System
Product Fit

We will always shoot you straight.

Some of our Specialty Acoustics aren't the best option for all spaces. Factors like cost, available space, and even geographical code requirements will help you make the decision.

Simply put, you won't get this kind of transparency from other companies. We believe in being up-front and working together with you towards the best solution.

Take less. Make right. Re-use.

We believe in sourcing with a conscience. We partner with suppliers that think environment-first.

Designing with intention is a commitment. It means you not only design for look and function, but also to minimize the product you need to make it.

Sonus will reclaim or re-use any of our acoustic panels. And we’ll even pay for the shipping.

Use Sonus Specialty Acoustics for your project.