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Surface-Mounted Panels

Don’t walk the plank with your acoustic designs, use The Plank. One of our more architectural designs, the concept consists of multiple four foot long by six inch wide panels cut at a 15° at one end. The flexibility of designs create shapes and walls that attract and intrigue all those that pass by.

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  • Easy to install
  • Uses the highest-quality fiberglass core with hardened edges for stability
  • Wood veneer adhered to core using patented VACU-BOND® process
  • Corners meticulously tailored for a beautifully finished product
Tech Specs
8" x 48"
+/- 1/16"
6-7lb Fiberglass Board
Edge Detail
Edge Profile
Mounting Type
Mounting Hardware
Impaler Clips
Z Clips
ASTM E84 Class B
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1" - .75 and 2" = .95
Color Options
Walnut Flat Cut
Additional fabrics and wood veneers are available, but may require additional lead time.
*Premium fabrics may require special order. Additional lead times and charges apply.
Lead Times
Standard Sizes and Coverings:

2–3 Weeks

Custom Sizes and Coverings:

6–8 Weeks*

*any customer supplied coverings may require additional time for delivery and testing. Additionally, wood veneers require perforation. Anything not in stock requires an additional 4-6 weeks.

Our Craftsman Guarantee

We take pride in the products we manufacture. We also want to help you make sure they get installed correctly. That is why we offer an industry-leading five (5) year warranty, for any of our acoustical solutions, against manufacturing defects, provided installation is performed by one of our Certified PRO Installers. Otherwise, we offer a standard three (3) year warranty.

For more details, see full warranty.

Custom Shop

Need something unique? Want to co-create actionable solutions that improve the human experience? Together, we can ideate, design, and build solutions that create unique experiences. Call us at (888) 287-4183 to discuss our Custom Shop program or visit the Custom Shop to learn more.