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Sonus Welcomes Brian MacKenzie, Vice President of Sales

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio with a record of 21-0, please welcome our new Vice President of Sales, Brian MacKenzie.
Let’s get ready to rumble!

Brian comes to Sonus from RJE Business Interiors where he led a team of managers and consultants for the dealer, across the midwest, in generating millions in revenue. Over the last three years as VP of Sales at RJE, he worked with nearly 100 manufacturers to deliver high-end solutions for projects across 48 states.

From design to partnering with manufacturers to specification and installation, Brian is a master of his craft. As an ambidextrous fighter, he also spent years working on the A & D side with Hixson and the vendor side, most recently at SmartWatt. His expertise and ability with all stakeholders of the sales process will be a huge addition to Sonus' already strong skill-set. He believes that having a deep understanding of everyone’s needs and expectations, both customers and salespeople, is crucial for success, and that data is key to uncovering and forecasting successes and challenges.

"I joined Sonus for the opportunity to build something that customers all over the country can benefit from. We have a huge obligation to educate customers and business partners on the benefits of noise mitigation and orchestrated soundscapes, and I’m excited to be a part of that.

I'm dedicated to help Sonus become a recognized industry leader over the next 24 months, by identifying and solving our customers' problems and being the easiest to do business with. Having come from the industry, I am able to bring a big-picture view beyond the product. This is about people: the makers creating spaces and the people functioning within these spaces," said MacKenzie.

In the first half of 2022, MacKenzie will visit every region in North America to gain intimate knowledge of the area and sales staff. Thankfully he loves to travel and explore mountains, prairies, and oceans (white with foam), and hopes to take a long weekend to spend some time with his family in New York soon. When not on the circuit you’ll find him in The Nati cheering on Joe Burrow and friends, seeing a show at Southgate House, or having a beer at one of the city’s legendary breweries.

Say hello to Brian.

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